Flicker and Super 8

Hardcore Wondermentalism!

As part of the Flicker: Artists & Super 8 exhibition in Bury St Edmunds, we’ve invited a number of practitioners to run hands-on workshops. Over the weekend of 16/17 February it was the turn of Martha Jurksaitis, founder of Cherry Kino in Leeds, to lead a group that shot and developed films in a darkroom under her expert supervision. We caught up with Martha at Abbeygate Picturehouse on the Saturday evening and interviewed her at length about the European DIY developing scene, the origins of Cherry Kino and the attractions of playing with film chemistry. Listen to the interview (MP3, 28 minutes, 25MB).

Martha curates work under the banner of “Wondermental Cinema” and you can follow her blog.

In the interview she mentions the Hamburg supplier Wittner and the new ADOX monochrome film.

Coming soon in this interview series: Dagie Brundert! And more adventures among the fixer-fingered folk keeping film alive and kicking…

Super 8 Cine Night at the Swann – Friday 22nd of March 2013


A night of retro film footage, social historical images with musical treats. Also the opportunity to bring along any film you have, there will be spare projectors and hands on experience to show you how. Or just come along and enjoy the show.

There will be plenty of popcorn too!


South: A Journey in Super 8 – Performance on Friday the 22 March 1013

A Journey in Super 8

Friday 22 March
6.30-7pm, Admission free

To mark the final evening of Flicker: Artists and Super 8 we present a live performance by Chris Mizsak and Tony Scott from Bell Art Laboratories. South uses live spoken word, sound and Super 8 projections to tell the story of two characters, a saint and a biker, who travel through different landscapes and time scales, eventually reaching the same destination.  Shot and edited entirely on Super 8mm, the work is presented as a triptych of three projected films, exploring the perspectives of the two characters within the landscape itself.

Flicker – The official film selection – Sunday 10th of March 2013

Sunday 10th of March 2013 at 1:30pm at Abbeygate Picturehouse (Bury St Edmunds)

Bike Light by Nicholas Kovats - Canada ( 2012)Waterworks by Arnaud Gerber - Germany
Lyrebird Soup by Naren Wilks - UK (2012)Collide-o-scope by Naren Wilks - UK
Bridge Study by Naren Wilks - UKFarewell by Natali Ilchuk - Ukraine ( 2011)
Carry that Weight by Andrea Nevi - Italy ( 2011)Everything with You by Art Boonparn - USA
Raga for the Light by Ruchi Mital - USABefore War by Jared Katsiane - USA (2010)
Coming Soon by László Hegedűs - Hungary ( 2010)Voice Over by Ronis Varlaam - UK (2012)
ABC of couple by Dairo Cervantes - ColombiaPutain Lapin by Guerin van de Vorst - Belgium

La tete infernale – Super 8 Installation from Saturday 9th March until Saturday 23rd March 2013

Smiths Row and the Cambridge Super 8 Group in association with Abbeygate Picturehouse in Bury St Edmunds near Cambridge will present a new work by Swiss art-collective MOBILESKINO.

La Tete Infernale, copyright MOBILESKINOLa Tête Infernale is a film installation that celebrates the early cinema trickery of French pioneer Georges Méliès. In the tradition of the Kinetoscope,  viewers can look inside a peephole and see a 3D effect moving-image of Méliès’ head preserved in a glass bottle. The illusion is created  entirely with 19th century stage magic tricks and Super 8 film; and without the use of CGI or any hidden digital components.

MOBILESKINO is a collective of artists, animators, film-technicians and sound designers. The group’s projects occupy the space between digital and analogue media. Conducting research in the field of interactive environments, the group combines mechanical and electronic technologies to build art machines and installations.

7 homme a la tete de caoutchoucMéliès was an illusionist and pioneer in early cinema special effects such as the ‘stop trick’ and hand colouring. His most famous film A Trip to the Moon (1902) is regarded as the first science fiction movie.

Film Workshop – 9-10 March 2013

Three Soups – ” Black and white processing super 8 workshop with coffee and more “

Dagie Brundert has a growing reputation as a Super 8 alchemist. We are lucky to have her visit us in Bury St. Edmunds from Berlin to lead this unique workshop in Super 8 film-making and processing using 3 different recipes using low cost domestic ingredients such as coffee, tea and red wine or beer.

This is one of a series of weekend workshops during the Flicker exhibition. The ticket price covers:Dagie

  •  tuition for 2x days
  •  camera and processing equipment
  •  materials
  •  refreshments

For bookings and further information contact: enquiries@smithsrow.org

To find out more about Dagie’s films : www.dagiebrundert.de  

Where: Bury St Edmunds (near Cambridge) from 10am to 5pm

All you need to know about the workshop : http://www.wabisabisuper8.com/Burye.html




Screenings on Sunday 17th February 2013

Derek Jarman – A Life in Super 8 -Saturday 16th February – 6pm

At Abbeygate Picturehouse in Bury St Edmunds

1994 | UK | 60 mins
Prod: James Mackay

Derek Jarman (1942-1994) was one of the most important figures in postwar 20th Century British cinema, though over the course of a remarkable career,he maintained a prolific creative output which overlapped into many other realms including stage design, painting, writing and gardening. 

 We are delighted to welcome the acclaimed director’s long time friend and collaborator James Mackay to introduce a rare screening of Glitterbug (1994) – a montage of Jarman’s Super 8 shorts and personal footage set to an original soundtrack by Brian Eno.

 After the screening, Tony Clarke from the Cambridge Super 8 Group will lead a short conversation and Q&A with James Mackay.


 Sunday 17th February 2013 at 6:30pm- Free screening

where: upstairs room at Number 4, Hatter Street in Bury St Edmunds (next to the Picturehouse)

Open screen. You may have some Super 8 films you made, bring them along. We will show films from our BnW workshop and from our Cambridge Super 8 collection. Come and join us for a nice and relaxing Sunday evening. Meet some of the people who made the films at the screening.

Screenings on the 3rd of February 2013

State of the Eight – Sunday 3rd February 2013 at 1.30pm.  £10

At Abbeygate Picturehouse in Bury St Edmunds

The season kicks off with State of the Eight. This documentary double-bill will examine the impact and continued allure of Super 8 from the 1980s through to today.

Super Eight / 1986 | UK | 60 mins. Dir: Jo Comino.

Originally commissioned for and screened as part of the Eleventh Hour season on Channel 4 Television, Super Eight offers a unique insight into the world of the small film format during the 1980s.

Super 8…mon amour ! (Trailer) by Phares-Balises

Super 8: Mon Amour  / 2012 | France | 52 mins | French Language (English Subtitles) Dir: Rémy Batteault.

A Super 8 camera itself becomes the narrator’s voice in this whimsical, fantasy documentary about filmmakers and their love of the Super 8 format. We are delighted to welcome  director Jo Comino for this special event. Both screenings will be preceded by a short introduction and followed by a Q&A session.

 “We celebrated the Olympics on Super 8”  – Sunday 3rd February 2013 at 6:30pm- Free screening

where: upstairs room at Number 4, Hatter Street in Bury St Edmunds

13 films were made around one of the following themes: the Olympic flame, sports or people featured in the Olympics or Paralympics. The films were shot as part of a challenge and shown on the day of visit of Olympic flame in Cambridge. Meet some of the people who made the films at the end of the screening.