Cambridge Super 8 Discussion

At Smiths Row gallery on Friday 8th March 1-2pm – free event.

‘Digital has a future but no past’– Rolf Egli

As part of Flicker: Artists and Super 8, the Cambridge Super 8 Group has invited a panel of guests and the general public to discuss the value of Super 8 as a creative practice and its future within the context of the current exhibition at Smiths Row.

So what does the future hold for photochemical film-making? Is Super 8 living on borrowed time?

As the debate on how to transform our cultural and audio-visual heritage continues to bubble and burn, the discussion will cover film preservation as an artistic practice and its broader context in the digital era.
The Panel

  • Dagie Brundert is a Berlin-based Super 8 artist and film-maker. She is leading the Three Soups organic hand-processing workshop at Flicker on 9-10 March.
  • Toby Miller is host of Bums on Seats, a cinema review programme on community radio Cambridge105 FM.
  • David Pfluger is co-founder of Swiss film-art collective Mobileskino. He also works as an independent consultant for film and video conservation.

The panel will be chaired by Tony Clarke, Vice Chair of the Cambridge Super 8 Group.


Little Black Box, Bigger Picture

At Smiths Row gallery on Friday 1st of February / 1:00pm-1:45pm /Donations

Tony Clarke from the Cambridge Super 8 Group is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the subject of Super 8!  Come and hear him talk about the history of Super 8 film and what makes it so special.