20 teams will be given one cartridge of Super 8 film (3 min.). The challenge is open to everybody, from any country but please pre-register, we will contact you thereafter.

Each contestant will have a few weeks to make a 3 minute film using a Super 8 camera around one of the following themes: the Olympic flame, sports or people featured in the Olympics or Paralympics. People can be as creative as they want around the themes. To inspire participants, the Cambridge Super 8 Group will organise a couple of screenings a few months before the event to inspire people. The Cambridge Super 8 will also give technical advice and lend movie cameras to newcomers. Film groups, professionals, amateur filmmakers and local schools are encouraged to enter the competition, we want to see your masterpieces !

The film will have to be shot using the Straight8 rules (no editing, shot in sequence, the filmmakers don’t see the results until the public screening). More about the challenge can be read here:

The films will be sent unprocessed to us. We will screen the films during the week-end of the passage of the Olympic flame. The filmmakers and the audience will then discover at the same time the end results on Parkers Piece in Cambridge during the Big Week-end in July.

To add to the difficulty of the challenge, the filmmakers will have to provide a soundtrack to go with the films. The sound track could be live or prerecorded.

All participants will have their films shown (their 3 minutes of glory) and the best three will rewarded with a gold, bronze and silver camera. The best films will be shown at future events round the world !

The deadline to receive the films unprocessed will be the 1st of June 2012