Daily archives: March 24, 2013

Hardcore Wondermentalism!

As part of the Flicker: Artists & Super 8 exhibition in Bury St Edmunds, we’ve invited a number of practitioners to run hands-on workshops. Over the weekend of 16/17 February it was the turn of Martha Jurksaitis, founder of Cherry Kino in Leeds, to lead a group that shot and developed films in a darkroom under her expert supervision. We caught up with Martha at Abbeygate Picturehouse on the Saturday evening and interviewed her at length about the European DIY developing scene, the origins of Cherry Kino and the attractions of playing with film chemistry. Listen to the interview (MP3, 28 minutes, 25MB).

Martha curates work under the banner of “Wondermental Cinema” and you can follow her blog.

In the interview she mentions the Hamburg supplier Wittner and the new ADOX monochrome film.

Coming soon in this interview series: Dagie Brundert! And more adventures among the fixer-fingered folk keeping film alive and kicking…