• Cambridge Super 8 Film Festival in Film & Festivals, by Tony Clarke.

    We live in times that claim to value the artisan, the distinctive, the quirky. We also give ever more money and loyalty to the smooth, the branded, the acceptably-boundaried. It can be hard to distinguish intention from result, or recognise how we got from one to the other until we notice that the signs changed colour and the familiar noises stopped.

    The full article appears in the current (March/April 2011) issue of Film & Festivals magazine.

  • Super8 Film Festival returns to Cambridge in Cambridge Agenda

    April is once again the month when innovative and individual filmmakers from all over the world bring their offerings to our fair city. Find out more…
    CAMBRIDGE International Super 8 Film Festival is small on resources but big on ambition…

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  • Article in the Explorer Magazine.

    The Cambridge International Super 8 Festival is an annual celebration of Super 8, the much-loved – if now rather antiquated – cartridge film format, which was initially popular with professional and home movie makers alike in the 1960s and 70s, and which has since enjoyed a renaissance due to its unique, timeless qualities. Hot Fuzz/Spaced/Shaun Of The Dead director Edgar Rice is one film-maker who is a big fan of the format, and the likes of Tim Burton and Oliver Stone have also used Super 8 during their careers. So it may have been superseded in the digital age, but it has always continued to have a loyal following. …

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