Programme 1

The first competition programme will be running on:

  • Thursday 22 April, 8pm, at the Murray Edwards College, Buckingham House
  • Wednesday 28 April, 8pm, at the Anglia Ruskin University, lecture room Rus203

The following super 8 films will be screened:

  • Area of no sound
    Mie Kurihara / 2006 / Japan / 13 min / experiment
    The pain in my chronic disease attacks me like the noisevevery day. I wish the pain to disappear when awaking on a certain morning.
  • Journey On A Train
    Fjodor Donderer / 2009 / Germany / 17 min / travelogue
    It is November, on the route Berlin–Köln–Bruxelles–London. A spontaneous, handheld camera traces the particular of the everyday. A personal, passionate documentation of a journey in grainy B/W, with an atmospheric score.
  • Fledgling
    Tony Gault, Elizabeth Henry / 2009 / United States / 7 min / Documentary
    Fledgling explores the relationship between Kevin and a baby crow he finds on the street one tormy night. Kevin’s backyard provides the rich setting for a story about his conflicted relationship to nature.
  • Morning Walk
    Mary Fletcher / 2005 / United Kingdom / 8 min /autobiographical
    The narrator talks about when her lover, aged 19, was murdered. The immediacy of life going on in the present as the dog runs about help her cope with this tragedy. Filmed in 1971 but completed 2005.
  • Monster
    Matthew Keen / 2009 / United Kingdom / 3 min / Comedy-horror
    A small village holds an emergency meeting to discuss the terrible events that have befallen them, but what good will it do when darkness falls and the local monster goes in search of his nightly feast?
  • Bicycle
    Kincso Bako / 2008 / Romania, Hungary / 3 min / comedy
    A silent movie, a lakeside and three characters… And the miracle can happen because without it we can’t live.
  • Chicasblue
    Daniela Merino / 2008 / United States / 6 min / Hispanic, coming of Age
    A woman journeys into her childhood as she seeks lost memories and sensations. As she time travels, she warns the girl of what awaits her in the future. Chicasblue is the story about the painful and joyful transformation of a girl into a woman.
  • Man Getting Chased by Zombies
    Christopher White / 2005 / Canada / 3 min / horror
    A young man, pursued by zombies, takes refuge in a garage and prepares for the onslaught.
  • Photophobia
    Paulo Abreu / 2009 / Portugal / 5 min / Experimental
    Fotofobia is the sensation of fear, sensitivity or aversion to any type of light .
  • Dall’Oscurità
    Luca Sabbioni / 2005 / Italy / 2 min / Sentimental
    Like a poem, the words of the main character echo in an empty room while the images of his consumed love run over a wall.
  • Move Your Body (A Coffee Nightmare)
    Lars Harald Gathe / 2009 / United Kingdom / 5 min / Music video
    When a husband complains to his wife of the quality of their ususal coffee she aquires Buck’s Plus, a new brand of instant coffee. While it is pleasing at first, it has unusual, hallucinogenic side effects. Descending into a nightmare world, the husband is slowly convinced that the coffee is killing him and that his wife is behind it all.
  • New York Shorts
    Naren Wilks / 2009 / United States, United Kingdom / 3 min / experimental
    This is a short film of short scenes that each depict a different observation that I made during a recent stay in New York. I was interested to explore how the structure of Super-8 film could be used to complement the structure of the city.