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Cambridge Memories

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The festival is also looking for amateur Super 8 Films shot in Cambridge in the 60s, 70s and 80s for a very special programme.

If you have film reels of events (for instance the Queen’s silver jubilee, boat races, etc.) or life in Cambridge or in local villages, please contact us, we’d love to show them at a special screening…

Explore Cambridge past with the Cambridge time traveller.

Touring Programme

touringOur best of the fest programme will been screened at:

THURSDAY 1 OCTOBER 2009 7.30pm

The Lothbury Centre, Church End, Weston Colville, Cambridge CB21 5PE

A selection of the very best films screened at The Cambridge Super 8 Film Festival in 2009 and a chance to meet some of the film makers. Simon will give an introduction to Super 8 and its evolution from home movies to modern creative platform as well as tips on cameras, film stock and an insight into materials and technique.

We’ve released three special programmes of short films for festival exhibition only, ‘The Best of Cambridge Super 8’, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

The winning films and the most original and amazing shorts are gathered together into these two unique compilations which is available in its original English language format or with French or German subtitles.

Our touring programme has screened at;

If you would like to screen The Best Of Cambridge Super 8 2009 or 2008 at your festival please get in touch via the Contact Us page