Panorama 3

Panorama 3 is showing on Friday 29 April @ 9pm.

Download a pdf version of the programme: Panorama 3


Patrick Corcoran / 2009 / Ireland / 6 min, video art/experimental
sanctum • noun, figurative, a private place from which most people are excluded. Sanctum was filmed during a period of illness and deals with the themes of time passing, repetition and the creative process.

Rushland Ridge
Kyle Repka / 2010 / USA / 37 min. / Docu-Drama,Biography
Rushland Ridge tells the story of the Ullman family as they work together to sustain their family-run vineyard and winery in suburban Pennsylvania. Filmed entirely on Super 8mm cameras and spanning one year, the film is a rustic portrait of the Ullmans and their relationships to one another, the plot of land on which they live and work, and the community that supports them .

Kuna Ni Nanang
Jessica Sison / 2007 / USA / 5 min. / Documentary
In this day and age, when everything is documented and even cellphones have cameras, one woman has no souvenirs or photos of her beloved mother. Meet Elena Bautista, 99 years… YOUNG.

The Midnight Pen-pal
Emmaalouise Smith / 2010 / United Kingdom, 4 min. / Experimental
The girl with the idea of pictures & lines, She looks to the paper,at the words and signs.
Alone tonight she closes her eyes, A dimly lit room to shade all the lies? Looking for thoughts,she stares to the door, Black lines against white,she’s alone no more.

Le maçon abeille
Viktor Kolbitr / 2009 / France / 20 min, documentary
A man builds a stone shelter with ancestral technique. The work look like a big tortoise shell perched between two rocks. Three cameras are following his gestures during ten days, stone by stone, until the end of the construction.