Programmes are being displayed at the pop up cinema on Parker’s Piece.

Saturday 7th of July @ 5pm

Training 8
Maxime Michel, France
In France, 4 girls are training for a competition. They run, do sit-ups, pumps and stretching.
Then, they move each of their side to a place.

I was rubbish, at everything
Andy Hazell, UK
The story of Al Oerter who won four consecutive gold medals by throwing a discus very far indeed

Olympiade 05
David Aspinal, UK
The West End of Newcastle doesn’t think much of the Olympic Games. Originally there were four cyclical Greek games and the Olympic weren’t even the best – how come they survived?

Triple X
Wim Jongedijk, The Netherlands
At a stadion an archer is preparing to shoot at his target.When looking through his bow sight he sees a woman looking at him. When he follows the woman descending to an underground space there are more women and a child. When finally shooting at the child one of the woman catches the arrow with her body. In the stadion he looks around. Nobody saw he hit X.

Andrew Alderslade, UK

Olympic madness
Natasha De Fazio (Cambridge International School), UK

The Olympic torch ?
Esme Ashley-Smith (Cambridge International School), UK

Sunday 8th of July @ 3pm

Number Ten
Medina Akkouche, (Cambridge International School), UK

Imposter at the Gates
Martha Applin (Cambridge International School), UK

Sham Olympian
William Rodgers, UK
A would-be Olympian gets into the spirit of the 2012 Games .

Jamie Noakes, Sweden
Short documentary about my wife and a reoccuring knee injury she first sustained whilst learning to ski slalom (sports injury)

The school race
Thierry Bonnaud, France
Greta has got up late again, she will take this opportunity to race with our dad on the way to school.