Competition 1

Competition 1 is showing on :

  • Thursday 28 April @6pm
  • Saturday 30 April @2pm

Download a pdf version of the programme: Competition 1


For Plus X
Paulo Abreu / 2010 / Portugal / 2 min, experimental
Memories of youth.

Matt Hulse / 2009 / United Kingdom / 18 min, Documentary
On the set of Andrew Kötting’s latest feature film, Ivul.

Avós / Grandmothers
Michael Wahrmann / 2009 / Brazil / 12 min, Drama
On his 10th birthday, Leo finds out that Monica Lewinskiis Jewish, that Clinton is the president of America, that the numbers in his grandparents arms are responsible forhis being chubby.

Spiralize it!
Dagie Brundert / 2010 / Germany / 5 min, educational
Don’t fear… black and white reversal processing!Here we go! 15 meter film are in the tank, nice andcozy spiralized in the dark, waiting to be poured over withthe first bath – developer! Round and round, the polyverseneeds liquid!

Goths! On the Bus!
Jaimz Asmundson, Karen Asmundson / 2009Canada / 3 min., Musical Comedy
A couple of uber-goths ride the public transit to go to themall to buy more lipstick.

Live Before You Die
Tom LLoyd / 2008 / United Kingdom / 6 min, experimental documentary
The freedom of a life on the road with horses in an Englishsummer. Travelling the length of the country and backagain with a pair of horses and gypsy caravan.

Four Cubic Feetof Space
Tony Gault / 2010 / United States / 12 min, documentary
Artist, Daniel Sprick, ruminates on the strange fact that weall exist!

Burleigh Smith / 2010 / Austria / 7 min, Comedy,Drama
Basil pursues Mia. But Mia is only interested in men who are masculine.

Laura Isabel Cabrera / 2009 / Puerto Rico / 3 min, fiction
An ugly and fat girl looking for a spell tomake her beauty.

John Cannizzaro / 2009 / United States3 min, film poem, essay
A poetic confession of sorts., Let Me TryTo Explain confronts the impossible task of anexperimental filmmaker trying to explain what he does….and why. It is a film made to a soundtrack from a filmwhich doesn’t exist.

Marie-Paule Stokart / 2010 / Belgium / 7 min, experimental
Video-poem in color and black and white : when the magicof the imagination enters the shadows of everyday life.

Naren Wilks / 2010 / United Kingdom / 3 min, Experimental
Using four super-8 cameras a man in a white room replicates himself. He and his clones have until the cartridges in the cameras run out before they disappear.