Competition 2

Competition 2 is showing on : friday 29 April @6.30pm.

Download a pdf version of the programme:Competition 2


Reynold Reynolds / 2005 / Germany / 8 min, Experimental documentary
A personal and hypnotic, split-screen and time-lapsed trip through Berlin, where the divide running down the images stands instead for the long-separated country. A poetic journey through Berlin. With a poem by Gerhard Falkner

Trust to Chance and Windfalls
Anja Dornieden / 2010 / United States, China 14 min,  Documentary
The film follows the routines of a Chinese chess club every Sunday in New York. Traveling with the chess team to China for the world tournament, the film traces the players’ personal stories and memories back to their origins.

Gnome Is Where The Heart Is
Sarah Thom / 2009 / United Kingdom / 3 min. / Comedy
A wayward gnome falls in love. The continuing adventures of a nomadic gnome.

Lucas Ostrowski / 2008 / USA / 14 min. / Comedy Horror
A story about Christmas, family and cannibals.

Patrick Mendes / 2009 / Portugal / 13 min, Fiction, Experimental
A man is hired to clear out a synchrotron center. Upon exploring the facilities, the man finds photographs, wich brings him back to past experiences that ocurred in that space.

Washed Up
Kieran Heilbron / 2009 / Canada / 3 min, Film Noir
A woman in trouble, a man out for vengeance, and a hit man who just can’t seem to get rid of a body.

Dairo Cervantes Duque / 2010 / Colombia / 4 min, Drama
To the chilling and boring heaven or to the suffocating and funny hell, there where you wait for me, there is where I want to be.

The Day Before Tomorrow
Daniel Villányi / 2009 / Hungary / 12 min, drama
A chronicle of a young woman’s sojourn through the city: the story of a summer day that ends one life and begins another.

Life is Beautiful
Ken Hagen Takenaka / 2010 / Germany 2 min. / Lifestyle & Entertainment
The life cycle of a happy woman from birth until she is a happy mother herself.

Those dreams that on the silent night intrude – the secret cinema of Jerzy Treblinka
Luca Gennari / 2010 / Italy / 3 min. / Experimental
Jerzy Treblinka is a mysterious and neglected filmmaker: his son tells us his story, trying to recover the figure of a father who abandoned him, through the images of old super 8 home movies, that are the only surviving images of Trebllinka’s cinema.

Turn Baby Turn!
Dagie Brundert / 2010 / Germany / 2 min, experimental
Sometimes it makes sense to take a new position in your own four walls and watch the world from down there. Or even wear a Dirndl and go dancing in fields. Unusual combinations increase the connections of the synapses and joy for welltended craziness.

Smoke and Mirrors
Kirtan Hummelen / 2009 / Netherlands 2 min, experimental
A 1 minute and 21 second fun and smashing flick. No animals were hurt in the process. Or were they!?!