Programme 3

The third competition programme will be screened on Saturday 24 April, at 1.30pm. The venue will be held at the Anglia Ruskin University, lecture room Cos124.

The following short films will be screened:

  • The ghost tram of Marseilles
    Lionel Laget / 2009 / France / 12 min / Comedy
    During the winter of the early twentieth century, the noise had begun to be spread that a mad tram was moving at night in the streets of the town, mowing down everything in its passage. One night a man got inside of it …
  • We – 1st person plural
    Vika Kirchenbauer / 2009 / Germany / 10 min / Experimental Documentary
    Repeating action, repeating gestures, stories repeating in predictable patterns of human behavior shot on an 8mm camera in the space between banality and infinity.
  • Wees Shews are These Shews?
    Giles Perkins /2009 / United Kingdom /3 min / Documentary
    One girl’s lifelong obsession with shoes .
  • Garbusha
    Frederic Cousseau, Blandine Huk / 2009 / France / 11 min / Documentary
    The massacre of garbusha happens every August.
  • Neon Rendezvous London
    Julian Hand / 2008 / United Kingdom / 7 min / Video Poetry
    Neon signs reconfigured to generate a poem reflecting the capital and one’s existence or experience within it.
  • Etching With Light
    David Mason / 2009 / United States / 4 min / Art
    Visionary artist Ray Sohn illustrates with light.
  • Le Grand Déballage
    Viktor Kolbitr / 2009 / France / 4 min / stop motion
    A cardboard box wakes up on a beach, has a little walk and stops. It opens and a man inside it discovers the world.
    What a lonely day…
  • The Cycle
    Amanda Sweikow / 2008 / United States / 4 min / horror
    Drawing on the vernacular of classic movie suspense, The Cycle brings a young girl face to face with the horrors of adolescence.
  • Arte & Parte
    Beto Moncayo / 2009 / Colombia / 5 min / fiction
    An amusing look at the price tag on art
  • Vivid Dreams
    Jim Granato / 2008 / United States / 5 min / Documentary
    A young woman full of dreams and aspirations to help people travels to West Africa through the Peace Corps. Her experience quickly detours into a mental ward after just three months abroad.
  • Pulpwood
    Andres Victorero / 2009 / Spain / 4 min / experimental
    Experimental documentary about pulpwood and the impact of the paper industries.
  • Self-Aid
    Glen Hwang / 2009 / United States / 4 min / Comedy
    A man is stuck in a hospital patient room and is waiting for the doctor to arrive. Bored, he toys around with gizmos on the counter but the situation quickly turns dangerous.