Programme 2

The second competition programme will be running on:

  • Friday 23 April, 6.30pm, at the Murray Edwards College, Buckingham House
  • Thursday 29 April, 8.15pm, at the Anglia Ruskin University, lecture room Rus203

The following short films will be screened:

  • Land of the Dead
    John Cannizzaro / 2008 / United States / 20 min / experimental
    A portrait of a cemetery in Cambria CA. Beyond that, the film journeys into the underworld to become a meditation on life and death, a cine-poem to the inevitable. Composed of 10 rolls of Super 8 film edited in camera, the film unfolds like memories.
  • Comb over / Riporto e Riparto
    Andrea Lo Coco, Nicola Visotto / 2008 / Italy / 4 min / Comedy
    Every day Mario has to tackle a problem that is not common to everybody. It’s not fear of the dark, not agoraphobia, not homophobia and not fear of empty spaces. He chooses to refuse his baldness and builds a “comb over” on his head.
  • Bridge Study
    Naren Wilks / 2009 / United Kingdom / 3 min / experimental
    This film studies the structural symmetry of a pedestrian bridge, made by crossing it 2718 times. For each crossing, a single frame of super-8 was shot. The result is a film that takes the viewer on an impossible dual journey.
  • Buiten / Outside
    William Head / 2008 / Australia, Netherlands / 9 min / Documentary
    After a year spent living in Amsterdam, an Australian narrator offers a foreigner’s view of this iconic Dutch city. Shot on Super 8 then digitally animated, Buiten relishes the beauty and challenges of experiencing an unknown city.
  • The Reel Man
    Kieran Heilbron / 2009 / Canada / 3 min / Comedy
    A short film about a man, a hat and a fishing rod.
  • Natives
    Derry Sheehan / 2008 / Australia / 3 min / experimental drama
    Natives is a two minute, dialogue-free short, presented entirely in split-screen. The film captures a moment in the laconic lives of two young locals as they idle their time on a summer day. The film combines colour and black & white Super 8 film stock, an electronic score and isolated environmental sound effects to provide a fleeting insight into the minor trials of the everyday.
  • Lugano 1&2
    Mon Ross / 2007 / Argentina / 1 min / documentary
    The truth behind the rough exterior of the suburb.
  • Inside Out/Side One
    Matt Meindl / 2009 / United States / 5 min / experimental
    A grainy amalgam packed with hearty nostalgia chunks. Part
    of a complete remembrance.
  • The Canary
    Trine Dam Ottosen / 2009 / United Kingdom / 11 min / experimental fiction, coming of age
    The Canary is like an old snapshot that you find in a drawer: dreamy, atmospheric and nostalgic. It explores the experiences of the deaf girl Lisa, who lives an isolated life with her mother. One day a man arrives, and something in Lisa awakens..
  • Mr. Filliponi
    Roberto Pacini / 2009 / Italy / 4 min / Documentary
    Florence, historic centre. After World War II, Mr. Filipponi works abroad in England, Switzerland and Germany, as a miner, railwayman and poet. He wrote many poems, most of which went missing.
  • Corto
    Dairo Cervantes / 2009 / Colombia / 8 min / fiction
    Two neighbours share sensations and feelings although the party wall divides them.
  • The Birthday Cat
    Freya Elliott / 2009 / United Kingdom / 3 min / Comedy
    A man forgets his girlfriend’s birthday: as an emergency gift he buys her a pet cat. The cat and his girlfriend soon start spending a lot of time together, and he becomes so jealous of their burgeoning relationship that he vows to gets rid of the cat and take its place as her pet!