Tips for the challenge

Super 8 is a unique format in that you’ve a fixed length of recording medium, in a tamper proof container, that is easily accessible for a relatively small investment. The single cartridge film festivals grew up out of a desire to tell a story on a single cartridge of film, shooting it in order, with no edits – a totally different kind of film challenge – one that makes the most of Super 8’s attributes.

Usually, the first time the filmmaker will see it is at a public screening with or without a recorded or live soundtrack – as you can imagine, there are nerves all round!

Recognising the rise of these festival phenomena, we’ve assembled a range of handy hits, tips and advice to make your shoot run more smoothly. The challenge of shooting your film, shot by shot, with only in camera edits and assembling a seperate soundtrack, can be daunting – but with some simple planning and a bit of forthought the results can be truly stunning.

The possibilities are endless with just a Super 8mm camera and a single cartridge of film, so, if you want to learn more, read on…

straight 8 on Vimeo

Whilst the tensions rose for our 2014 challenge, Vimeo ran the best films from single cartridge competitions. We’ve got those films here


Single cartridge anatomy

After a particularly stressful single cartridge shoot we decided to analyse what we did to try and learn a few lessons. Read one…

The Other Half

Nick Scott’s amazing straight 8 film illustrates just what’s possible with some technical know how, ingenuity and a whole load of filmmaking confidence!

straight 8 on DVD

The best of the best  from the world’s biggest single cartridge Super 8 film festival, on one handy DVD!

Top Ten Tips for single cartridge

Exactly what it says – top tips to help keep stress at bay and relationships intact!

Perfect timing?

A box of of electronics that might just help you get those shots perfectly timed.

single cartridge festivals

Here’s a list of who’s currently who in the world of Single Cartridge, in camera edit, film festivals…

 Georgetown Super 8
 One Take Super 8
 Revel-8 Film Festival
 Straight 8
 Taos Bentley Film Festival
 Toma Única
 Tourné Monté Super 8

single cartridge films

Some truly stunning and amazing examples of the single cartridge Super 8 film genre from  vimeo

 Biskremosis – Amazing team animation by Marc Holtbecker and Co

 Springlove – Spring is in the air for Herrjapmans

 Looking for Marilyn – a cautionary tale of celebrity gone wrong, directed by Anna Blandford and Anna Valdez Hank
 Everything But… – Colin Dewar’s amazing stop frame masterpiece
 50 Feet that Shook the World – John Cannizzaro’s stop motion homage
 The Other Half – split screen break up by Nick Scott
 Sacre Bleu! – hunt for fine wine by Will and George
 Sticks and Balls – Jacqueline Wright’s stunning golf music video spoof