2014 Tour de France Super 8 Challenge

Super 8 challenge film programme – Monday the 7th of July 2014

super 7 challenge still

Free screenings

A few months ago, we asked for participants for our new challenge to celebrate the Tour de France coming to Cambridge.

Six people ended up completing a film on the theme of cycling.

Bicitlan na rua by Terence Keller (Brasil)

Don’t Ask Me Why by Al Simmons (United Kingdom)

Scrap on by Krystel Brown and M Hrdy (United Kingdom)

Tex- Cycle by Andy Hazell (United Kingdom)

Home by Carsten Göttel (Germany)

100% by Simon Dickel (Germany)

The films will be premiered at the Picturehouse cinema in Cambridge alongside other Super 8 films celebrating the bike culture.

Kill Bike 2005 by Nick Golebiewski (USA)

Ski boys by Benny Zenga (USA)

Bicycle revolutionary by  Dylan Howitt (UK)

Die Selbstheilung meines Fahrrades by Dagie Brundert (Germany)

The screening will take at Picturehouse cinema,  at 1pm and 3:15pm. You can book advance tickets  here or at the Picturehouse box office.

We curated 4 other short film programmes: Bicylette, mon amie at 1:15pm , Ups & Downs of Cycling  at 2:00pm, For the love of cycling at 2:15pm, Cycling in the UK at 3pm


Super 8 Cycling Challenge – Still 2 weeks to take part

20 teams will be given one cartridge of Super 8 film (3 min.). The challenge is open to everybody, from any country but please pre-register, we will contact you thereafter.

Each contestant will have a few weeks to make a 3 minute film using a Super 8 camera around one of the following themes: the Tour de France race, cycling or bicycles. 

People can be as creative as they want around the themes.  The Cambridge Super 8 will also give technical advice and lend movie cameras to newcomers. You just have to make the film.

The film will have to be shot using the Straight8 rules (no editing, shot in sequence, the filmmakers don’t see the results until the public screening). More about the challenge can be read here: http://www.straight8.net

The films will be sent unprocessed to us. The filmmakers and the audience will then discover at the same time the end results in Cambridge during the Tour de France stage Cambridge to London on the 7th of July. We still have some cartridges so contact us if you want to take part  Full details of the challenge can be found here.