Programme 4

The fourth competition programme will be screened on Saturday 24 April at 4pm, Anglia Ruskin University, lecture room Cos124.

The following super 8 short films will be screened:

  • Designated Routes in Nature and Time
    Jim Granato / 2008 / United States, Mexico / 7 min / Experimental, Lyrical
    Road movie inspired by the American landscape.
  • Pont de Bercy
    Scott Hammen / 2009 / France / 4 min / Experimental Documentary
    Views of the Pont de Bercy in Paris in homage to Henri Chomette who filmed the bridge in 1924 for Jeux des reflets et de la vitesse in his pursuit of a “cinéma pur.”
  • End of the Fall
    Joshua Barash / 2007 / United States / 3 min / Drama
    Sometimes the only way out is down. A man views past events from his life through the windows of a six story building. This film was made with only one take per scene, shot in sequence with no post-editing.
  • Fahr.rad
    Tine Papendick, Matis Burkhardt / 2009 / Germany / 4 min / Collage
    She is riding her bike through Berlin, capturing her favorite places with the help of red thread.
  • La désinvolture
    Charline Lancel / 2007 / Belgium / 4 min / experimental, poetry, daily life
    If only hanging out the washing could be this special every day…
  • Little ones
    Cédric Bourgeois / 2009 / Belgium / 5 min / Drama,music video,horror
    A young man rents a room in an old house. There, he will meet two sisters, and fall in love with one of them.
  • Rundgang
    Patrick Steffen / 2008 / Switzerland / 1 min / documentary, experimental
    A walk in the Swiss mountains.
  • Bicycle Revolutionary
    Dylan Howitt / 2009 / United Kingdom / 3 min / Documentary
    Estelle is cycle crazy – in mind, legs and spirit she loves humankind’s most wonderful and green invention. This film is about where cycling takes you in your mind and spirit, ‘negotiating a city not always that kind’.
  • Bautista’s Fable
    Rafael Martínez Moreno / 2009 / Colombia / 10 min / Dark Romantic Comedy
    Bautista is an Afrocolombian fisherman who wants to be with Ada really bad, but it seems she only dates white tourists. How far is Bautista willing to go, to be with her?