Best of the Fests

An opportunity to catch up with the most-liked films from our previous three festivals…

Murray Edwards College / Sat 1 May / 7.30pm.

  • Foxy lady in Winterland, audience prize 2007
    Dagie Brundert / 2003 / Germany / 3 min / Experi-docu
    It’s this weird time between the years. Xmas today. Berlin is Siberia. My recent lover was a zero. It’s sooooo fucking cold! But my granny used to say: “Sweetie, what do you have your braids for??”
  • The Flasher, audience prize 2008
    Magnus Irvin / 2007 / UK / 3 min / Fiction
    Mr. Podomowski is busy clearing rubbish from the streets of East London when he comes across a Belisha Beacon, (England’s most enigmatic and beautiful piece of street furniture).
  • The Penalty Box, audience prize 2009
    Arthur Franck & Oskar Forsten / 2007 / Finland / 9 min / documentary
    The penalty box has become a chair of confession where senior hockey players spill their guts about first loves, divorce and finding a new love.
  • Corto world premiere
    Dairo Cervantes / 2009 / Colombia / 8 min / fiction
    Two neighbours share sensations and feelings although the party wall divides them
  • Fledgling
    Tony Gault, Elizabeth Henry / 2009 / United States / 7 min / Documentary
    Fledgling explores the relationship between Kevin and a baby crow he finds on the street one stormy night. Kevin’s backyard provides the rich setting for a story about his conflicted relationship to nature.
  • Dall’Oscurità
    Luca Sabbioni / 2005 / Italy / 2 min / Sentimental
    Like a poem, the words of the main character echos in an empty room while the images of his consumed love run over a wall.
  • Natives
    Derry Sheehan / 2008 / Australia / 3 min / experimental drama
    Natives is a two minute, dialogue-free short, presented entirely in split-screen. The film captures a moment in the laconic lives of two young locals as they idle their time on a summer day. The film combines colour and black & white Super 8 film stock, an electronic score and isolated environmental sound effects to provide a fleeting insight into the minor trials of the everyday.
  • Bautista’s Fable
    Rafael Martínez Moreno / 2009 / Colombia / 10 min / Dark Romantic Comedy
    Bautista is an Afrocolombian fisherman who wants to be with Ada really bad, but it seems she only dates white tourists. How far is Bautista willing to go, to be with her?
  • Designated Routes in Nature and Time
    Jim Granato / 2008 / United States, Mexico / 7 min / Experimental, Lyrical
    Road movie: a very lovely film inspired by the American landscape
  • Jury Prize 2010
  • Audience Prize 2010