Panorama 1

  • Texturas
    Manfre Iker Iturria / 2009 / Cuba, Spain / 4 min / Video art
    Courtship of hands.
  • Cherry Blossom Season
    Jeffrey Moneo / 2009 / Canada / 22 min / Drama
    The course of a relationship is examined through the eyes of seven different women in six different countries. From the birth of an affair to its ultimate demise, “Cherry Blossom Season” looks at the ephemeral nature of love and life itself.
  • Untitled 2
    Sam Spreckley / 2005 / United Kingdom / 5 min / experimental
    This was one of my first 8mm films, shot and edited in 2005. It is experimental in nature and I originally hoped it would be a sort of abstract ‘road movie’. I created the soundtrack from field recordings and digitally manipulated sounds.
  • The Photographers
    David Mason / 2008 / United States / 8 min / Thriller
    A woman at the beach appears to be upset when a casual photographer takes her picture. The situation seems to be resolved through friendly conversation, but there is something not quite right; she seems to go along with everything a little too easily. What is she concealing?
  • Du weißt mehr das du nicht weißt
    Shinya Kitamura, Eva Radünzel / 2008 / Germany, Japan / 50 min / Experimental Documentary
    Sounds and pictures from Japan combined with German voices tell an individual story about silence and comunication in Japan. communication means patience, compromise and assent for Japanese.