Award Ceremony

The award ceremony will be held on Sunday 1st May @7pm

Download a pdf version of the programme: Awards Ceremony


Summer Grass 2/10
Mie Kurihara / 2008 / Japan / 10 min, experiment
A hot and quiet summer arrives once again. Only 20% of ants actually do any work.

Roommate Needed
Christopher Lee / 2009 / United States, 4 min. / comedy
A silent comedy about a man who discovers his new roommate has a horrendously disturbing snore.

The Naked Animator (Version Bent 8 )
Charlie Blackfield / 2010 / United Kingdom, 2 min. / Documentary/Animation
Filmic-lyrical self-portrait, originally made for Straight 8 UK 2010 and then slightly modified.

The Bathroom Mirror
Jessica Cheeseman / 2008 / United Kingdom, 3 min. / Experimental, documentary
Euan, a 6 year old boy with severe nonverbal autism, is taking his morning wash. This film was
made to illustrate how a mundane daily routine for most people can be a fascinating ritual for someone who finds everyday life confusing and frightening.

The Fuel and Wood Situation
Mat Laroche / 2010 / United Kingdom / 3 min. / documentary
PJ Wakeham works seven days a week delivering fuel, wood and coal by to the residents of the Grand Union Canal. He does so by boat.

2010: La Corunna in Super-8 Kodachrome
Ignacio Benedeti / 2010 / Spain / 10 min. Documentary
A tribute to 75 years of magical chemical colours, with the background of my city, La Corunna, in the north west of Spain. Filmed with Kodachrome film loaded in Single-8 cartridges, with the Fuji
ZC1000, with Iscorama anamorphic.