2012 Super 8 Challenge

20 participants will make a Super 8 film edited in camera using the color stock (Ektachrome 100D) or black and white stock (Tri-X) following the Straight 8 rules. The cartridges will then being processed and the final results will be shown in July in Cambridge. Nobody including the directors will see the films before the world premiere!

The films will have to be made around one of the following themes: the Olympic flame, sports or people featured in the Olympics or Paralympics. People can be as creative as they want around the themes.

The films unprocessed will have to be in Cambridge by the 1st of June.

To get a change to take part in the challenge, fill your details in our registration page.

Listen to the Cambridge Super 8 Group and the Olympic Challenge on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire: Sue Dougan in the afternoon broadcasted on the 5th of July. The interview starts at 16:30.

You can follow the challenge on the 2012 Super 8 Challenge blog.