Awards Ceremony & performance

The Awards Ceremony will take place on Saturday 24 April at 9pm, Anglia Ruskin University, lecture room Cos124.

In addition to this year’s winners, the following short films will be screened:

  • The story of a tomato
    Stefan Möckel / 2003 / Germany / 1 min / comedy
    The story of a tomato.
  • Elisa und die Luftblasen Machine
    Warren Chapman / 2009 / United Kingdom / 3 min / experimental love story
    A woman looks into a bubble, is it the past or the future she sees?
  • The conversation with Dr. Mouse
    Sook Hyun Kim / 2007 / S. Korea / 10 min / experimental narrative
    To have a conversation with Mr. Mouse, some parts of daily life have to be selected and some excluded.
    Human weaknesses such as contempt and fear are revealed in the process.
  • Pan Koziel
    Karin Hammer / 2009 / Austria, Poland / 3 min / music video
    A music video for the Polish band Blisko Pola for the song Pan Koziel – which means Devil. Shot on Super 8, nearly each frame has been animated in various ways.
  • Get up, Jucy Lordan!
    Dagie Brundert / 2009 / Germany / 4 min / experimental
    I was always pissed by M. Faithfull’s song lyric At the age of thirty-seven she realised she’d never ride /through Paris in a sports car with the warm wind in her hair. Destroyed illusions? So I sing At the age of forty-something I realized I can quite well ride through Berlin or Los Angeles in a rental car with the hot desert wind in my hair.
  • Kis Angyal
    Nicholas Kovats / 2009 / Canada / 3 min / Experimental Narrative
    A dreamy black and white Super 8 film celebration of my