Competition 3

Competition 3 is showing on :

  • Saturday 30 April @7pm
  • Sunday 1 May @2pm

Download a pdf version of the programme: Competition 3


So Long, Kodachrome
Jim Granato / 2010 / United States / 7 min, Comedy, Spoof
So Long, Kodachrome is an ode to super 8, and the most beloved film stock every made. While paying huge respects to the format, this original sound super 8 short also pays homage to an American 70’s landmark film.

Putain Lapin / Bitch Rabbit
Guérin van de Vorst / 2010 / Belgium / 10 min.
Putain Lapin is about the meeting between a whore and a bear, that she thinks is a rabbit. It’s also about a desolate place where people get lost and leave by charters.

The Eye
The Macuto Collective / 2010 / Spain / 11 min, Drama
A man´s infatuation with the subjects of his Super 8 films goes as far as to intrude into his reality.

No place like Milan
Camillo Valle / 2009 / Italy / 1 min, experimental documentary
The rubble of a city…

Mauricio Quiroga Kiro / 2010 / Bolivia, Argentina 9 min. / Fiction
The man, the city, the machine. Once in the game, follow the instructions.

Mauro Paglialonga / 2010 / Germany, Italy, 13 min. / Drama
A young man around thirty years of age makes his way to the cemetery, so as to confess intimately his present existential condition in front of a tomb. He finds fertile grounds for the expression of his role of eternally misunderstood lover.

Living on Stilts
Sean Ferris / 2010 / USA / 14 min. Alternative, Drama, Underground, Avant-garde, B-movie, Cult,
Independent, Surreal, Art

Caught between a dream like state of mind and the apparent reality, the brain tries to decipher and process the outcome of its ever present future.