Panorama 2

  • Immokalee, My Home
    Kevin T. Allen, Jennifer Heuson / 2009 / United States / 28 min / Experimental Ethnography
    A portrait of life in Immokalee, Florida, heart of industrial agriculture in the United States and home to its largest population of migrant farm workers. It is a tale of migration, of immigration, and of the persistent hope for a better life.
  • Monocelular
    Felipe Cataldo / 2009 / Brazil / 13 min / Experimental
    Satori; cosmic insight revealing that chaos is the reason for us to hug the human existence origin and resume the single cell being; or a mobile call for your own apparatus.
  • Monofoly
    François Juszezak, Dominique Le Guennec / 2007 / France / 6 min / comedy drama
    Monofoly! Monofoly is a pitiless wargame in which the winner becomes the boss of factories These factories are producing arms This wargame is playing in 1916 during the first world conflict!
  • Pelicula sudorosa
    David Domingo / 2009 / Spain / 17 min /experimental
    I have filmed in resplendent Super 8 this movie for you. You wil be able to see a sausage, Charlton Heston, a brave cat and plastic horses.
  • The Good Soldier
    Aaron Wesley Gibson / 2009 / United States / 27 min / Film noir, suspense, drama
    1940s: a young soldier holds a remote outpost. His mission: to observe and report observations. Now, it’s been nearly a year with zero activity and he begins to doubt the purpose of his mission. “Who is the enemy?”