Daily archives: November 16, 2011

Best of the fest 2011 at Brighton Film Festival – 19th Nov 2011

A Selection of the ‘Best of the Fest 2011’ will be presented at the Brighton Film Festival

4pm- 19th of November 2011 – More info http://www.cine-city.co.uk/films/small-wonder-super-8/

So Long, Kodachrome
Jim Granato / 2010 / United States / 7 mins
So Long, Kodachrome is an ode to super 8, and the most beloved film stock every made. While paying huge respects to the format, this original sound super 8 short also pays homage to an American 70′s landmark film.

Putain Lapin / Bitch Rabbit
Guérin van de Vorst / 2010 / Belgium / 10 mins
Putain Lapin is about the meeting between a whore and a bear, that she thinks is a rabbit. It’s also about a desolate place where people get lost and leave by charters.

Mauricio Quiroga Kiro / 2010 / Bolivia, Argentina 9 mins
The man, the city, the machine. Once in the game, follow the instructions.

Naren Wilks / 2010 / United Kingdom / 3 mins
Using four super-8 cameras a man in a white room replicates himself. He and his clones have until the cartridges in the cameras run out before they disappear.