Straight 8 – the best of the last 20 years – 7:15pm (certification 15)

Deja vu by sandalz (2005) – Experimental

A fever dream of repetition fools the viewer into thinking they’ve seen it before. 

 Stephen’s cat by Dave Buonaguidi (2003) – Comedy

When stephen hawking’s cat takes the mic, expect surprising revelations.

Sticks & balls by Jacqueline Wright & Alice Lowe (2007) – Comedy

Golf. And Sex. Together like you’ve never seen them before in this classic straight 8 film put together to a faux German electro track.

Connections by Steve Oram & Nick Lear (2008) – Comedy

The touching story of a sad man whose need for a friend and mentor wins over his better judgement.


Forced hilarity by Edgar Wright (2001) – Comedy

Fun times for fun people sporting their thoughts in speech bubbles, until things take a darker turn.

I am Justin Waite  by Iris Worldwide  (2018)

The perils of not being able to speak in synch, as told by a victim. 2018

Keynote by Ogilvy (2018) – Comedy

A misunderstanding is the key to this relationship breakdown comedy.

A bad day to propose by Fernando Ruiz (2021)

Taking in-camera vfx to the next level, a simple proposal explodes into something else entirely. 

In your dreams by Chad Riley (2016) – Dream

Get lost in this dreamy watery visual poetry.

Rouge amour by kezia barnett (2011) – Dance
A love triangle performance piece captured in one fluid shot as the red mist rises. 2011

Venus by Rachel Ramsay (2019) – Dream

Luxuriate in the shipping forecast. it’s too rainy to go out. 

The last trip by Malcolm Finlay (2008) – Drama

A welshman honours his best friend’s final wish: to be the first welsh man in space. 2008

Springlove by Herrjaapmans (2008) – Animation

Two lovestruck people who float rather than walk are clearly meant to be together. 

Biskremosis by Marc Holtbecker, Robert Neumann, Annette Schneider, Caro Stoeckermann, Andre Wlodrski (2012) – Animation

A feast of playful, colourful in camera delights. 

Everything but.. by Colin Dewar   (2007) – Animation

An animated close compelling look at the cigarette industry. 

A zombie claymation by Lee Hardcastle (2011) – Animation

A young claymation couple in a holiday cabin get an exciting twist to their boring holiday, after playing with an ouija board.