Programme 1 – Super 8 Shorts / 5pm followed by QnA

The Art of Super 8 – by Camillo Valdes, Italy, 2012, 21 min.

Documentary film about Super-8 and why do we love this small film format, still produced today and used by a new generation of filmmakers.

Snailrun a Nightmare- by Selsthilfegruppe Salzburg, Austria, 2004, 3 min. (from the Cambridge Super 8 Festival Archive)

Nightmare racing with three super 8 spotlights.

So Long, Kodachrome, by Jim Granato, USA, 2010, 7 min. (from the Cambridge Super 8 Festival Archive)

An ode to the Super 8, and the most-rated film of all time. While paying its respects to the format, this original super 8 sound short also pays homage to a landmark 70′ American film.

50 Feet that Shook The World, by John Cannizarro, USA, 2003, 3 min. (from the Cambridge Super 8 Festival Archive)

This stop-motion homage to the silent, Russian classics takes a twisted look at the ongoing war between film and video. (Imagine Jan Svankmajer remaking Potemkin!) This film was made for LA Flicker’s “Attack of the 50 foot Reels” (1 roll of Super 8 film, edited in camera, sound created without seeing footage!) Recently re-mastered in HD.

Impossible Workshop, by Tom Scott, UK, 2015, 3 min

Short documentary capturing the atmosphere of the Super 8 workshop in collaboration with Impossible in 2015

Impossible found footage, by Tom Scott, Uk, 2015, 1 min

Extract of the mural installation recycling the work done by the participants of the Impossible workshop.

Foxy Lady in Winterland by Dagie Brundert (Germany), 2003, 3 min

It’s this weird time between the years. Xmas today. Berlin is Siberia. My recent lover was a zero. It’s sooooo cold! – Audience prize festival 2007.

Et me voilà et me voici  by Dagie Brundert (Germany), 2022, 3 min

Exactly 39 years ago I was in Nice for the first time, and now for the second time. I remember: the seagulls, the pebbles on the beach …

Grid by Ian  Helliwell (UK), 2007, 3 min 

Coloured inks were applied onto clear super-8 with felt-tip pens, using an old speaker grill as a stencil.  The soundtrack was made with Helliwell’s self built Hellitron tone generators.

Cameraless experiments by Cambridge Super 8 workshop (UK), 2010 , 1 min, Cambridge 

Collective film done as part as workshop led by Ian Helliwell during the 2010 Super 8 festival

Wormhole by Daniel Inzani (UK), 2010, 3 min – On8mil 2010 competition

Awarded: runner up. The film was made by scratching patterns with a scalpel pen and burning holes with a soldering iron into black super 8 film, then tracing those patterns onto transparent film with inks and pens. Daniel also composed the music.

Darcy Bobo (Five Haikus and One Ode to My Cat) by Jo Ledamun, (UK), 2010, 2 min – On8mil 2010 competition

An ode to my cat, the film received a Commended verdict by the jury panel.

Round & Round by Ria Grix (UK), 2010, 3 min – On8mil 2010 competition

An experiment on the subject of cyclical self-inflicted pain. Using loops of drawings scratched and drawn on to 16mm film stock with loops of music.

Taiga by Leena Lehti (Finland), 2010, 3 min – On8mil 2010 competition

Taiga is an elegy to the boreal forest. With the warming climate, the borders of different life zones move towards the North, and the conifer as we know it is changing and disappearing. Taiga combines hand scratched animation with real tiny plants and moss collected in subarctic region in Finland.”