Docs on Super 8

super8docsWednesday 27th February, 7pm
Entry: free for members/£2

The Cambridge Super 8 Group, the brains being the Cambridge International Super 8 Film Festival have hooked up with the Cambridge University Social Documentary Film Society to stage a night of documentaries on Super 8.

The event takes place at the Cambridge University Graduate Union, on 17 Mill Lane on Wednesday 27th February at 7pm. Entrance is free for members and just £2 for non-members.

Some of the directors and members of the Cambridge Super 8 group will be on hand to answer questions and the full line up includes;

What is the Revolutionary Cycle Cinema?
Simon Mullen, UK, 2007, 5 min. – Cambridge Super 8 Group
The green revolution makes them to pedal to generate enough energy to power a cinema show.

A Shift in Perception
(Best film from 2007 Cs8FF)

Dan Marceaux, Australia, 2006, 16 min.
Three vision-impaired women recount their lives, dreams, fears and observations.

The Boatman
Dylan Howitt, Argentina/UK, 2007, 12 min.
A lyrical portrait of a boatman in Buenos Aires as he plies his trade crossing one of the most polluted rivers in the world.

Stephen Hyde, 2008, Peru/USA, 10 min.
A revealing portrait of the lives of three generations ice sellers in the Peruvian Andes.

Foxy Lady in Winterland
(Audience Prize from 2007 CS8FF)

Dagie Brundert, Germany, 2003, 3 min.
“It’s this weird time between the years. Xmas today. Berlin is Siberia. My recent lover was a zero.”

The Ferryman
Giles Perkins, 2007, UK, 7 min.
A day with the Thelwall ferryman rowing his passengers across the post industrial Manchester Ship Canal.

Bike Kill 2005
Nick Golebiewski, 2005, USA, 3 min.
An all day block party in Brooklyn, NY with bike jousting, music, and mutant bikes.

Everything But…
Colin Dewar, 2007, UK, 3min. – Cambridge Super 8 Group
Award winning Super 8mm animation on the life cycle of a cigarette butt.

Dear N.
(Development Prize from 2007 CS8FF)

Chantal Partamian, 2006, Lebanon/France, 8 min.
A letter based documentary recounting dramatic events for a distant friend.

Blink and You Will Miss It
Tony Clarke, 2007, UK, 3 min. – Cambridge Super 8 Group
It’s as if you we there, the Strawberry Fair in 3 minutes.

Super M’8

superm8Sunday 10th February, 7pm
Entry: £4/£3

The Cambridge Super 8 Group celebrate their love for their favourite film medium with – “Super M’8 (pronounced Mate) Project our Passion!” – a fun film night packed with short films about that most confusing of things, Love!

We can’t think of a nicer way to spend the Sunday night just before Valentine’s day, so come on down, get loved up, and watch some amazing short films at:

The Locomotive,
Mill Road,

Entry is just £4/£3 on the door!

Super Anim-8

superanim8Sunday 16th December, 8pm
Entry: £4/£3

Let the Cambridge Super 8 Group animate Sunday for you with ‘Super Anim-8’, an evening of startlingly good new digital and Super 8 animated short films from all over the UK, Europe and the World, down at The Barfly in Cambridge.

The evening is in two halves, in the first half we screen delightful and delirious digital animated short films and in the second we screen superb and sublime Super 8 short animated films.

And there’s more – following the storming success of ‘Super 8 My Brain’ we again present Q&As with rising Super 8 and Digital filmmakers, giving you a unique opportunity to explore the renaissance of Super 8 film making.

So get yourself to The Barfly and join us on a Super anim-8-ed journey from the history of America via crazy light abstractions to the history of a single cigarette butt.

Download: poster.

Super 8 My Brain

zombiesFriday 9th November, 8pm
Entry: £4/£3

It’s Halloween madness with Super 8 My Brain, a night of spooky short films presented by the Cambridge Super 8 group; freaky, funny and frightening films that will make you sleep with the light on!

The night is in two parts. First we have digital short films from local and not so local filmmakers. In the second we will show spooky Super 8 shorts from all over the world that were submitted to Strawberry Super 8 2007 together with Q&A’s with some of the filmmakers.

So get on down to The Boathouse at Mitchums Corner on Friday the 9th of November for a night of scary shorts.

Age Restriction: 18+