A short break

So we’re pausing for breath after a successful first week of the 2010 Festival. Directors came from France and the US; prizes went to Colombia and Japan; and appreciative audiences enjoyed four competition programmes, a panorama showing and an eye-bending retrospective from Ian Helliwell with plenty of questions to answer. Traditional film projectors were also in evidence, to show the distinctive collage achieved by the workshop participants (another cutting-edge success) and in Mat Fleming’s brief but thrilling Super 8 Hypnosis Experiment that rounded off Saturday night.

A full list of prizewinners is already on this site, and we’ll have a further gallery of pics in due course. Much social chat has thrown up much to develop in future showings and festivals, particularly in the direction of performance and music collaborations. Showings resume on Wednesday at Anglia Ruskin University and will end on Saturday evening back at Buckingham house with a feature-length showing and a compilation from all our festivals so far.

A big thank-you goes to all our volunteers who guided, greeted, glued, brewed, taped, carried and (in one case) interpreted to keep all our viewers happy.