Super 8 Colour filmmaking and processing

2 – 3 February 10am – 5pm | Tickets are £100 per person for 2 days

Learn how to shoot and hand-process positive colour Super 8 film in an affordable way, and try out alternative processing techniques such as solarizing and cross-processing for unusual colours.

Cherry Kino is an independent film art organisation that offers hands-on analogue film-making and processing workshops and shares knowledge of how to develop movies cheaply and easily at home. Each participant will shoot and keep their very own 50ft Super 8 analogue film, plus a digitized version downloadable from Vimeo.
This is one of a series of weekend workshops during the Flicker exhibition. The ticket price also covers:

* tuition for 2x days
* camera and processing equipment
* materials
* a Cherry Kino film-making manual
* refreshments

For bookings and further information contact: